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Class 1RB Assembly: Five Little Pigs Go to Market

Mrs Brown’s class presented an assembly all about a market -including stallholders calling out their wares. Some children ‘bought’ fruit and flowers and had to pay for them, but five little pigs were looking for houses to buy, to keep out the big bad wolf!

The first pig bought a plasticine house because Jordan told him the wolf’s nose would get stuck in the plasticine and then he wouldn’t be able to move!

The second pig bought a curry house. Stallholder Steven said the wolf would eat the curry and burn his mouth!

The third pig wanted an elastic band house after Ryan explained that the wolf would trip over the bands and get all tangled up!

The fourth pig chose a custard house after Ashley told him the wolf would open the door and all the custard would squelch down on him!

Finally the last pig was interested in Joe’s ice house. How would it keep the wolf out? Easy! When the wolf licked the walls his tongue would stick and freeze to the house, and he wouldn’t be able to move.

A good day for the stall holders – all the houses sold!

Then there was a carnival, with a colourful procession through the market place, and people around to help, including a policewoman and a litter picker, who explained how to sort the rubbish for recycling. The children then showed everyone the collage litter monsters they had made. Then we had a short prayer, followed by the school prayerand all the school sang ‘Who Built the Ark’.

Thank-you to all the parents and friends who attended, and well done to class 1RB.

Thumb: MVC-002F

Class RB Assembly – Rumbling in the Jungle!

What a lot of parents and friends came to see our assembly. We used our loudest voices and pretended to be scary animals. Everyone was very impressed!

Thumb: We painted lots of different jungle animals.

We painted lots of different jungle animals.

We saw tigers and elephants...

We saw tigers and elephants…
monkeys and parrots...

monkeys and parrots…

snakes, lions and crocodiles

Snakes, lions and crocodiles
We made a tally chart of our favourite jungle animals.

We made a tally chart of our favourite jungle animal

We counted snakes...

We counted snakes.
Thumb: We tried all sorts of different fruit from the 'Handa's Surprise' story.

and we tried all sorts of different fruit from the ‘Handa’s Surprise’ story.

You must be careful in the jungle.....

You must be careful in the jungle…..
because lots of animals are dangerous

because lots of animals are dangerous!

Newsletter for March 2007

March 2007 News Letter and Reminders


We again have had a number of reported cases of headlice, and ask that all parents check and treat their child if any are found. Please note that although specialist lotions or shampoos may reduce the number of live lice, in the long term they are ineffective as they do not kill the eggs.

The only way to clear headlice is to regularly comb with a metal toothed nit comb.


We have had complaints from residents about parents parking across driveways etc. Please park considerately when bringing or collecting your child to and from school.

50p for Red Nose Day

The topic for Key Stage 1 this half term is Transport.

The topic for Key Stage 1 this half term is Transport.

Thumb: On_Friday,_Mr_Laws_brought_his_truck_into_school.

On Friday, Mr Laws brought his truck into school.

He let us climb into the cab…
Thumb: using_the_special_steps...

using the special steps…

and we saw the enormous steering wheel.

We looked at the huge wheels…

and the diesel tank.

And now we know that trucks are MUCH bigger than us!

We are doing a lot of other interesting things this half term. We have been to the Transport Museum in Coventry, we are learning about Kerbsafe (Y1) and we are designing and building our own model cars. We hope you enjoy seeing them on our new website..

Class 1C held an assembly about transport.

It was the turn of class 1C to hold an assembly for the school. They told us all about different types of transport.

Thumb: Here we all are, practising for our assembly.

Here we all are, practising for our assembly.
Thumb: Rowing_the_boat.

Rowing the boat.


Some machines make a lot of noise!

We even did some maths!

Thumb: We_thought_of_a_lot_of_different_ways_of_travelling.

We thought of a lot of different ways of travelling.
Thumb: You_can_see_some_of_our_model_cars._We_made_them_last_week.

You can see some of our model cars. We made them last week.

Well done 1C! It was a very interesting assembly.