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May Newsletter/Reminders

There are an increasing number of children who are regularly late in the morning. Classrooms are open at 8.50a.m. and children should be in the classroom by 8.55a.m. ready to start work at 9.00a.m. Registers are checked every month, and children who are often late are monitored. This monitoring process may result in:
• A letter to you expressing our concern;
• An appointment being made for you to see the headteacher to discuss the problem;
• A referral being made to the Education Social Worker (ESW). Continuous late arrivals can result in a fine or prosecution, as these all count as unauthorised absences.

Holidays During Term Time:
Please avoid family holidays in term time, particularly at the beginning of the year and during exam times. (May and June). Holidays during term time
• can disrupt the learning pattern
• can affect exam and test performance
• may be classed as unauthorised
Holidays cannot be authorised to children with poor attendance. (Less than 90%).
Poor attendance in school can result in:
• Children failing to make progress
• Problems making and keeping friends
• Disruptive behaviour
• ESW’s – Education Social Workers – becoming involved
• Children being referred to a PRU – Pupil Referral Unit
• Parents being fined

Gender Discrimination:
In updating our equal opportunities policy/race relations policy we are asking parents to advise us of any occasions where they feel boys have been unfairly discriminated against girls, or vice versa.

School website address:
We are working on our school website. If you would like a look please try

Early Bird/After School Charges:
Early Bird
– 8.00-8.30a.m – £2 per session per child, after 8.30a.m. – £1. After School – £2 per session per child 3.00 – 400p.m.
All money is payable in advance or on the day.

School Closes on Friday 25th May at the usual time for the half term holiday. (After School club will run as normal).
School Re-Opens on TUESDAY 5th JUNE at 8.50a.m. (Monday 4th June is a training day).

Have a good break.

Grand Easter Egg Raffle

Some children in every class won an Easter egg.

And the rest of us took home a chocolate chicken.


Thank you to everyone who contributed an egg. We raised £232.90 with which we have bought caterpillars for KS1 and some large shapes for outside play for Reception.

Easter Eggs

Class 2F Assembly:Transport

Class 2F went to visit Coventry motor museum as part of our topic on transport. In our assembly we talked about all the things we had learned about. We also made our own cars and had a competition to see whose car travelled the furthest.
We have made a whole fleet of cars

We have made a whole fleet of cars


We painted vehicles from history

We painted cars of the future


Now we know how to engineer cars

Red cars seem to be popular

Class 1BE Assembly:Litter

Class 1BE gave their class assembly a litter theme.

Thumb: ThedreadedLitterQueenmadeoneofthechildrenthrowlitteralloverthecountryside

The dreaded Litter Queen made one of the children throw litter all over the countryside.

Some of the children enjoyed a picnic in the country

The children found an injured hedgehog on their picnic, they cut off the plastic caught round the hedgehog


We showed the litter monsters we made using things we usually throwaway

Everyone enjoyed the assembly

A visit from the Police Riot Van!

As part of our transport topic, our community policeman, Daniel Rose, arranged for the Warwickshire riot van to visit .


In the policemen’s seats

It was really interesting


Locked in the cage

The policeman told us all about the inside of the cab


We heard the three different sirens

We looked at the badge,the proctective screen and the lights

Atherstone Ball Game

The Atherstone Ball
For over 800 years the people of Atherstone have played a special game of football on Shrove Tuesday.

The football is very big and made of leather. (See it right)

Miss Robinson was able to borrow the ball from the man that won this year. We had good fun playing with the ball in the playground.

Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can
Run for it

Run for it!

Pile up

Pile Up
We won

We won