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Tips for using the internet

The school’s computers are linked to the internet. Sites are checked for suitability and the network does have a system in place to vet site content. We also ensure that all access to the net is supervised. 

If you are unhappy about your child having access to the web in school please let us know.

As part of the ICT curriculum, the children and staff will be posting items on the school website, including photographs. No child will be individually identified on the photographs.

The internet is a part of modern life, and the children have to learn how to use it sensibly.  As part of our ICT curriculum they will also learn about e-safety. 

Ten Tips for using the Internet

Keep the computer in a common room in the house and position the monitor so it’s available for public viewing.

Establish rules for using the Internet and teach your children important safety guidelines.

Understand social networking. Teach your kids that people online are not always who they say they are. Popular social networking sites are a favourite hunting ground for predators. Teach your children how to use the privacy settings and to keep identifying information off their blogs.

Tell your children to keep their personal information protected. Children should never give their real name, address, phone number, the name of their school or a picture of themselves to anyone they meet online. NEVER let your children meet in person with anyone they’ve met on the Internet.

Protect your children’s passwords and create generic names. Make sure your kids don’t have screen names or aliases that reveal their personal information, including their full name, age, gender, etc.

Frequently check your computer’s Internet history and monitor your children’s email account. Let them know you’re checking these, why you’re doing it, and talk abut potential online danger.

Spend time with your children online. Have them show you their favourite sites.

Teach your children cyber ethics. For example,hacking into someone’s computer is just as wrong as breaking into someone else’s home. You set rules, boundaries, and codes of acceptable behavior in the real world; do the same for the virtual world.

Be computer savvy. Use antivirus, antispyware, and a firewall, and keep them current, but don’t rely on them as your only line of defense. For an easy, step-by-step tech tutorial for parents, go to

Teach your children to tell a parent, teacher or trusted adult if they feel uncomfortable about anything they’ve seen on a computer. For more tips from the National Cyber Security Alliance, go online to

Autumn Term Newsletter

Welcome back to Glendale. It’s lovely to see all the children again, and we are looking forward to a busy term
Milk – If you wish your child to have milk at break times this needs to be ordered through Cool Milk at School. Please ask at the office for a letter or contact Cool Milk direct at

Drinks – May we remind you that children are not allowed fizzy drinks in school, and bottles must be ‘sports’ type, not screw topped which will spill when knocked.

CRBs – CRB checks on volunteers in school expire after one year. If you applied over a year ago, and still wish to volunteer, please collect a new form from the office. Any parent/relative who would like to volunteer in the classroom can also ask for an application

Parking – We are again having problems with parking around the school. Please do not park on the zig-zag markings or across residents driveways. Avoid using Skye Close or the top of Oldany Way as these cul de sacs soon get blocked and dangerous for pedestrians.

Bikes/Scooters – We would like to remind parents that children are not allowed to ride bikes or scooters on the school premises. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that if their child comes on a bike, scooter or similar, that they are wheeled carefully around our site, with regard for the safety of other people. Bikes and other equipment cannot be left on site for collection after school.

Classroom Congestion – The new reception children have generally settled very well. Please help all children to come into school independently by moving back from the door once your child is in and allowing easier access to others.

Headlice – We have had a number of reported cases of headlice. Please check and treat your child’s’ hair on a regular basis. The only sure way of getting rid of headlice is to use a nit comb every day.

School website – Please take a look at our school website. The address is . If you would like to join our ‘members’ group, you will occasionally be consulted on various issues over the year.

Donate-A-Disc Appeal – Starlight Children’s Foundation are a charity helping to grant special wishes to seriously and terminally ill
children. They are asking for any unwanted DVDs and console games to be donated through Blockbuster stores during the month of October. If you can help with this appeal please take any discs to your local Blockbuster store.

Half Term Break – Please remember that school closes on Friday 19th October at 3pm and opens on Monday 29th October at 8.50am.


Please note there is now a new system for ordering milk for your child.

Milk is no longer ordered or paid for through the school but can be ordered from Cool Milk At School.

You can register you child at or phone 0800 3213248. Our school code number is 7698.

Milk is delivered by a local dairy each day and kept in a fridge at school until break time.