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Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary

Some people from the Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary came to visit Reception classes this week and brought some wild animals with them.

Wildlife - Badger

Badger called Humbug
Wildlife - Badger 2

He weighs three stones

Wildlife - Fox

This is a fox
Wildlife - Fox 2

It’s name is Dusk

Wildlife - Owl

This is a Little Owl called Speckle
Wildlife - Owl 2

He can only see out of one eye

Wildlife - Ferret

This ferret is called Baz
Wildlife - Ferret 2

He only has three legs

October newsletter

Parents Evening – A reminder that parents evening is 18th November. We hope you have all received appointments as close to your requested time as possible.

Parking – We have had a number of dangerous occurrences regarding cars and our school entrances. We would like to remind parents that we are an infant school and at the beginning and end of the day we have a lot of small children using our entrances. We would therefore be very grateful if parents do not use the school drive to reverse into to turn around in the cul-de-sac. Please do not park in either cul-de-sac after 8.45 am and 2.45 pm when congestion makes them very dangerous for young pedestrians. We would also like to point out that the playground is never available as a turning circle, and that the car park is closed to all parents at these times even for a “ten minute drop off”.


Attendance – as we did not reach our attendance target as set by the government, we have recently been audited by the County Attendance Audit Officer. As such we wish to clarify:

  • Holiday requests should be submitted at least six weeks before holiday date. Any requests submitted less than six weeks beforehand will only be considered in special circumstances, and will generally be classed as unauthorised.
  • Holiday requests for the beginning of the school year cannot be granted, and will also automatically be classed as unauthorised.
  • If children are absent, we ask that parents contact school with a reason for the absence within 24 hours. We will be same-day calling parents of low attendees, and second day calling others.

We have attached a Parents Guide to Attendance with this letter for further information. Hopefully, with your help, we will reach our attendance target set by the government next year.

Forthcoming Events – Next Half Term:

ABC Challenge Day – Friday 2nd November – a representative came in to school today to take an assembly about our Sponsor Day. We hope this will be an enjoyable way to raise money for our school as well as encouraging the children to enjoy a variety of physical activities. The day will be led by a specialist ABC challenge coach. Please find a sponsor form attached.

Y1 and Y2 – Trip to Gaydon – different dates in October and November.

Christmas Fayre – Thursday 29th November.

Christmas Concerts
Friday 14th December – Reception Children
10.00a.m – Adults Only
2.00p.m. – All Welcome

Tuesday 18th December
Y2 Children – 10.00a.m – Adults Only
Y1 Children – 2.00p.m – All Welcome

Wednesday 19th December
Y1 Children -10.00a.m – Adults Only
Y2 Children – 2.00p.m – All Welcome

School closes Friday 19th October at 3.00p.m.
School re-opens Monday 29th October at 8.50.

Have a good break.

Soup Of The Day

In year 1 is vegetable soup

We peeled and chopped lots of vegetables

We peeled and chopped lots of vegetables
Onions and beans

Onions and beans

Peppers and leeks

Peppers and leeks
Potato, swede and carrots

Potato, swede and carrots

We put all the vegetables in a big saucepan

We put all the vegetables in a big saucepan
When it was ready we all had a bowl

When it was ready we all had a bowl

Most children thought it was delicious

Most children thought it was delicious
and some of us had seconds

and some of us had seconds

And in Year 2 it is stone soup
The children have been retelling the “Stone Soup” story
Once upon a time there was a beggar called Mario. He had been tricking people for years with a stone. Suddenly he came past a cottage. It was too dark to go any further so he decided to knock on the door. The massive door opened. ‘What do you want at this time of night? Go away I hate beggars’ said an old woman. ‘You can’t fool me. Can’t you read my sign. Go away, no beggars allowed’. But just as the old woman was about to shut the door Mario said ‘Please, please, please, you’ve got a house, I haven’t. I’m cold and hungry. I’m thin’. ‘Alright you can sleep on the floor for one night. You must be gone by morning or I’ll shoo you out with my rake’. ‘Haa your fire is very warm it’s like I’m on fire. I don’t suppose you don’t know how to make stone soup?’. ‘Wha.. what?’ gasped the old woman. ‘Get out you can’t make soup from a stone now go, bye bye’. ‘Oh you will see. Get me a swede, a juicy carrot and a potato and 250g of water’. The lady started to get cross but she went to find them anyway. ‘Now get me some wine, chicken and cheese for after our soup’, and they spended a romantic dinner until they were tired. ‘Sleep in the camp bed, thanks for the soup’. Tomorrow the woman brought him breakfast in bed. When he got dressed the old woman gave him five pounds. Yeah he did it again and he laughed all day.
The end.
George 2P

Once upon a time there was a beggar called Alex. He was walking through a dark oak tree forest. He was feeling cold, hungry, thirsty and tired. Then he felt in his pocket and he felt a nice, smooth, round stone. Because he lived by his wits, he suddenly had an idea. I can trick someone into me making soup from a stone and ask for food to flavour it thought Alex. There was an orange light coming from a cottage. Alex walked to the cottage and knocked on the door. A miserable old lady opened the door. “What do you want at this time of night? Can’t you read the sign I hate beggars. No beggars allowed!!!” “Please, please, please, please can you let me in?” “NO!!!” said the old lady. “Well I can make us some soup that I used to make for the queen” Alex said slowly. “Okay” said the woman, “But you have to make it quickly and you have to sleep on the floor and be gone by morning or I will shoo you out!!!” Then he came in and warmed himself by the fire and he asked for some hot water to put in the cooking pot. Then he asked for some swede and a potato and a carrot. Meanwhile it was getting dark and Alex said “oh you go to bed and I will sleep on the floor”. “oh no you sleep in my bed because you are kind. I will sleep on the floor”. Next morning Alex had breakfast in bed and he gave the old lady the stone and said goodbye.
Caitlin 2P

Multicultural Week

This week we have been learning things about many different cultures. See more pictures.

Reception children learnt an Indian stick dance

And wore some beautiful costumes


Mr Hancock enjoyed the Indian dancing

Year 1 learnt a dance about Rama and Sita


Year 2 made a delicious vegetable curry

Lots of us went back for seconds


A Storyteller visited Year 1

And told us stories from India, Africa, Poland, Bhutan and Ireland

We learnt about Chinese writing

And made our own books