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Lion Dance Assembly

This term a group of children have been learning Chinese lion dancing at an after school club with members of the Long Feng lion dance team.
This week they performed at an assembly for their parents and the rest of the school.





1EG Assembly – Toys

For their assembly class 1EG told us what they have learnt about toys and how they have used toys in their lessons.

Thumb: 1EG_01

Using money helps us with our numeracy
Thumb: 1EG_03

Thumb: 1EG_07

We looked at the materials toys are made of
Thumb: 1EG_05

We sorted our toys into groups of hard and soft

Thumb: 1EG_08

We have made wooden toys
Thumb: 1EG_09

and wind up nursery rhyme toys

Thumb: 1EG_17

Thumb: 1EG_19

Fruit Kebabs

Class RK have been reading Handa’s Surprise and have been trying lots of different fruit by making their own fruit kebabs.

Thumb: Fruit_010

We washed our hands and used sharp knives to cut the fruit
Thumb: Fruit_012

We had banana, mango, apple,

Thumb: Fruit_013

grapes, orange, melon and pineapple
Thumb: Fruit_016

We put the pieces onto wooden skewers

Thumb: Fruit_019

And then we ate them
Thumb: Fruit_020

Thumb: Fruit_021

Thumb: Fruit_023

2F Assembly – Materials

Class 2F have been learning about materials, and for their assembly they told us what they had learnt.

Thumb: 2F_06

We looked at the properties of different materials
Thumb: 2F_14

We looked at how materials can be changed by cutting or folding

Thumb: 2F_17

We looked at reversible and irreversible changes by making jelly and melting chocolate
Thumb: 2F_08

We did a mexican wave showing words from our word bank of material property words


We sang a song about the water cycle
Thumb: 2F_23

We made pictures using different materials; fabric, paper, metal and wood

Thumb: 2F_22

Thumb: 2F_21

1Br Assembly – Toys

For their assembly class 1Br told us about the work they have been doing about toys.

Thumb: 1BR-004

We sorted our toys into groups
Thumb: 1BR-010

We painted pictures of some of the toys we looked at

Thumb: 1BR-034

We looked at some old toys
Thumb: 1BR-016

We can play counting games with toys

Thumb: 1BR-021

We made our own wooden toys
Thumb: 1BR-036

Thumb: 1BR-022

Thumb: 1BR-030