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Kingsbury Water Park

Year 1 and 2 children recently visited Kingsbury Water Park. They had an exciting day pond-dipping and minibeast hunting.

Thumb: Kingsbury_01

We went pond dipping
Thumb: Kingsbury_02

We put whatever we caught in a tray so would could look a it

Thumb: Kingsbury_03

We looked at some charts to identify what we had caught
Thumb: Kingsbury_04

There are hundreds of minibeasts in this tray, what can you see?

Thumb: Kingsbury_05

We also went minibeast hunting in the woods and fields
Thumb: Kingsbury_06

We looked at the minibeasts with a special viewer

Thumb: Kingsbury_07

Thumb: Kingsbury_08

We also did some sketches of the plants and trees we saw

2P Assembly – Amazing things

Class 2P’s assembly was based on their R.E. topic ‘Amazing Things’

Thumb: 2P_001

Altars were set up to represent five of the major religions.
Thumb: 2P_002

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism

Thumb: 2P_014

We sang a song about amazing things.
Thumb: 2P_017

Thumb: 2P_019

The children chose things they thought were amazing and represented them in paintings and collages.
Thumb: 2P_023

Thumb: 2P_024

Thumb: 2P_026

Y1 / Y2 Newsletter

Welcome back after the Easter break.

During the Summer term our work will be centred around ‘Living and Growing’ within the context of water habitats.

We will be visiting Kingsbury Water Park – where the children will be taking part in pond dipping and a woodland walk. 

In school, we will be looking at the life cycle of a tadpole in Year 1, and investigating what a plant needs to grow.

We much appreciate the help given by parents this year, and would like to thank particularly those who have come on trips, and those who have come into school to help on different occasions. 

Hearing your children read on a regular basis is also a great advantage, and we would ask as well this term, that you help them learn the spellings which are given each Friday for a test on the following Friday in Y1 and Monday for Y2.

Year 2 children – Over the next few weeks year 2 children will be completing SAT’s tasks – early nights may help with this!!
We hope your children have a happy and successful term to complete their experience in Years 1 and 2.