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Kinetic Theatre – Bunsen Towers Mystery

Kinetic Theatre visited the school and performed their play “The Bunsen Towers Mystery“.
The children had to use their knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to solve the clues to find out who stole Lady Lydia’s diamond.

Thumb: Kinetic_07

Lydia Bunsen’s diamond has disappeared
Thumb: Kinetic_05

We had to use our science knowledge to work out ‘whodunnit’

Thumb: Kinetic_16

… and to decide why the Major’s inventions did not work
Thumb: Kinetic_17

Thumb: Kinetic_27

Some of us got to act in the play
Thumb: Kinetic_33

… and reconstructed the events

Thumb: Kinetic_41

We worked out who stole the diamond.
Thumb: Kinetic_46

Afterwards we got to ask the actors some questions.

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