Monthly Archives: December 2008

1B Class Assembly

Class 1B have been learning about materials, and for their assembly they told us what they had learnt about paper and it’s many uses.

Thumb: 1B_01

Some of the paper things we found
Thumb: 1B_02

A paper fortune teller

Thumb: 1B_03

Making box chains
Thumb: 1B_04

Using tracing paper

Thumb: 1B_05

Making paper
Thumb: 1B_06

We made our own wallpaper

Firefighters visit Glendale

Some firefighters from Nuneaton fire station came to visit Year 1 children. They taught us about fire safety, being careful with fire and flames, ‘Stop, drop and roll’ and told us about smoke alarms.


Ewan said “I asked the fireman What are your clothes made of?”.

The fireman put his uniform on me. The boots were very heavy. The gloves were very big, the trousers came up to my shoulders. The helmet was quite heavy. I really enjoyed wearing the uniform.