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Year 2 sing at the Civic Hall

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Glendale was asked to perform at Bedworth Civic Hall in aid of the Mayor’s Charity Appeal. Here are a few comments from the children

My Favourite Bit Was………

Callum: ‘Deep in the Lonely Wood’, cos I got to go on stage as a bear!
Erin: I really liked it when me and Chantel slapped hands and we didn’t make any mistakes! We even did it in time!
Charlotte: swapping the lines in the Lollipop song.
Matthew: probably when we did our last song because it was joyful and the audience were clapping all the time.
Ellis: was when me and Gretel ran back home because we could run really fast and liked the wind blowing because we were hot.
Joe: was when I was acting as a wolf in ‘Deep in the Lonely Woods’

Jennifer: was when I pushed the witch in the oven It was a really, really big stage, and I could see all the mums and dads.
Elizabeth: The last song because we could all dance at the end bit. We had more room to spread out.
Chantel: was playing the witch and saying the words in a scary voice.
Leah: Where I flew around Hansel and Gretel. It was really fun!
Ben: when all the audience were staring at us when we did our performance.

Maia: was the Lollipop dance because it was really fun and I practised my high kicks.

Jasmin: was when I sang the songs and I felt happy doing it.
Tate: I liked all of it actually, even with my broken arm.
Owen: was probably getting dressed in the changing rooms and playing with my DS.
Darryl: was playing on my PSP and doing all of the show.
Kaylem: was ‘Deep in the Lonely Woods’.I liked being a wolf and singing the song.
Ellis: was ‘Deep in the Lonely Woods’ because I was a snake!

William: I liked the witch song and all the movements. The audience cheered and clapped and laughed.
Gabrielle: was dancing in ‘My Feet want to Dance’, wiggling and clapping.
Louise: seeing all the mums and dads on the chairs. My Nan was there too.