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Trip To Coventry Transport Museum

As part of their transport topic year 1 and 2 children visited Coventry Transport Museum.

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Going to the Museum

We got our coats on and got our yummy lunches and waited for the coach. Then the coach came and we got on. We climbed up the steep steps and sat down on the bouncy seats. We buckled up our seat belts and off we went to the transport museum. It was a bit bumpy on the coach. Finally we got there. We went inside. It was brilliant.

The first thing we did was go on the fastest car in the world. But some of us didn’t want to go on it. We held onto a bar in front of us. It started up and they shut the doors. At first someone talked to us on a big screen. It was fantastic. Then it started to move very slowly, then it got faster and faster. Then it slowed down and the it stopped and the doors opened.

Next we sketched a car. I sketched a ‘Hot Dog’. Then it was lunch time. We ate our dinner. It was scrummy. After lunch we looked at some very big tractors and double decker buses and we saw a steam roller. There was a TV and you could press the buttons.

At the end we could choose what you could go on. Me and my group ran to the simulator and waited. We got on and held the bar and off we went. It was great. Then the doors opened up and we got off and waited for the others to come back. When they came back the coach was there. We got back on the bumpy coach and went back to school.

By Leah.

My School TripMuseum_06

One day I went on a school trip. We went to the motor museum. We went on a very lovely coach. When we got there we went walking in a very lovely park until the museum opened.

So we went into the museum. We went on a simulator and we saw the fastest car. It can go 763mph. It has a parachute to slow it down. It was called Thrust.

We looked at all different kinds of transport like tractors, buses,cars, bikes and trains. Then we came back to school.

By Callum

Extract from Jack

I saw a Coventry City bus from when they won the FA cup. Well done Sky Blues!


Extract from Daryl
We saw a tank. We went in a tunnel and a person said ‘stop where you are’ and a plane was dropping bombs.