Monthly Archives: June 2009

Trip to Coombe Park

Year 1 and 2 children visited Coombe Park. Whilst they were there they made sculptures from things they found in the woods, and looked for minibeasts in the meadow and in the woods.

Thumb: Coombe_01

Crossing the troll’s bridge
Thumb: Coombe_02

A Spider sculpture

Thumb: Coombe_03

A Squirrel
Thumb: Coombe_04

A Spider
Thumb: Coombe_05

A squirrel watched us

Thumb: Coombe_06

A Butterfly
Thumb: Coombe_07

Netting minibeasts in the meadow

Thumb: Coombe_08

A grasshopper
Thumb: Coombe_09

Searching for minibeasts in the woods