Monthly Archives: October 2011

Harvest Assembly

For our harvest topic each class has found out about a different country and made some food from that country, we they had an assembly where each class told us what they had learnt.
Class 2W told us about making cous cous from Tunisia. 2R made garlic bread and told us about France. 2P learnt about China and made Chinese Chicken Rice.
The reception classes have been on a trip to Frankie and Bennies to make Pizza and they had also tried bread from different countries to find their favourite.
Class 1B told us about the sweet peppers Christopher Columbus brought back to Spain from South America. 1FE learnt about bananas from Jamaica and made banana splits and class 1RB told us about raita, naan and poppadoms from India.

2W Tunisia
2R France
2P China

REC Italy 1
REC Italy 2

1B Peppers
1FE Jamaica
1RB India