Monthly Archives: October 2012

Harvest Assembly

For our harvest assembly year 2 children told us about healthy eating, fruit and vegetables and “5 a day” and recited poems about healthy eating. Year 1 told us about apples, orchards and bananas. They showed us the pictures they had made and also recited poems. Year one told us about the fruit in the story “Handa’s Surprise”.




Seeds For Africa

As part of our KS1 curriculum, the children are learning about parts of Africa. We will be looking at the climate and the effects of drought or flood and the difficulties some African countries have with producing enough food for their children.

Seeds for Africa is a small charity, providing seeds, tools, training and water storage ideas to communities in Africa. They have a particular interest in providing the seeds and equipment to schools, so that the children learn how to grow food, and the crops grown are used to supplement the very basic school lunches the schools provide. The skills the children learn are then taken home and passed on, so that the diet of the general population is improved.

This work links well with our school garden, healthy eating and helping others, and providing seeds and tools for a school garden in a different part of the world enables the children to feel engaged with helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

This year we are asking for loose change to be sent into school by Friday 5th October. The children will make a shape of Africa with the money in the hall during the morning.