Monthly Archives: March 2013

Class R1 Assembly

Class R1 have been telling us about all the things they do in school.

Thumb: P1070750

Learning new sounds
Thumb: P1070754

Thumb: P1070757

Listening to favourite stories
Thumb: P1070759

Counting in 2s and 10s

Thumb: P1070756

Painting and colouring
Thumb: P1070769

Making planets and aliens out of clay

Thumb: P1070770

Playing musical instruments
Thumb: P1070781

We made a car and learnt how to be safe near the road

1SE Assembly

Class 1SE’s assembly was about litter.
They told us about their litter walk near the school and showed us how they have sorted litter according to their own critera. They have also used litter to make litter monster pictures and musical instruments, and made posters telling people to put litter in the bin.