Monthly Archives: October 2014

Harvest Assembly

On Thursday 2nd October, we held our harvest assembly. Each class chose a different fruit or vegetable and shared songs, poems and facts about it. It was a time for remembering how lucky we are, and how difficult life can be for children living in some parts of Africa. Reception classes told us about the fruit in “Handa’s Surprise”. Year 1 classes told us about pears, bananas and oranges.



Water Aid Welly Appeal

We have been thinking about life in other countries, especially Africa and India this half term. We know that some children have to carry water for a long way every day, because there are no taps in some villages. So we have been doing little jobs around the house for our parents and other relatives to raise money for Water Aid. We wanted to help a village to dig a well and have clean water to drink. We collected all the money and put it onto a map of Africa. When it was counted, we found that we had raised over

Visit to ASDA

As part of their topics on Healthy Eating and Africa, Year 1 children visited ASDA. ASDA have fruit and vegetables from many different parts of the world, and we brought some back to school to make a special pudding. The children also made pizzas and looked behind the scenes, and even went in the big freezer!
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