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Compton Verney

Year 1 and 2 children recently visited Compton Verney Museum and Art Gallery. They looked at lots of paintings, particularly looking at peoples different facial expressions. They made sketches of some of the paintings and then made clay models of their own faces.

Anya 2P

Anya 2P
Poppy 1B

Poppy 1B
Ruby-Leigh 1B

Ruby-Leigh 1B


Year 2 children have been learning about World War 1.
The have been learning about the Christmas Day 1914 football match and have written diary entries imagining they were the first soldier to leave the trenches. They have also looked at the poem “In Flanders Fields” and have explained what the poem means to them.

Thumb: Scan1

Vicky (2R)
Thumb: Scan3

Marshall (2R)

Thumb: Scan8

Phoebe (2P)
Thumb: Scan9

Rameen (2P)
Thumb: Scan7

Erin (2P)