Monthly Archives: May 2015

Class 1B Assembly

Class 1B’s assembly was about Robin Hood, Woodlands and Minibeasts. They told us facts they had learned about Robin Hood, acted a play about Robin Hood with their own ending. They told us about the diaries they kept whilst growing Marigolds and showed us collages of minibeasts they had made.


Class 1V Assembly

Class 1V’s assembly was all about seasons.  They told us about the changes they have seen when they visited Ensors Pool each season.  They also showed us pictures they had drawn and made on computers, and told us about the diaries they have been keeping while growing marigolds.  They have been doing an experiment to show that plants need air, water and light to grow.

Class R1 Assembly

Class R1’s assembly was about Traditional Tales. They have compiled a tally chart showing their favourite tales, painted pictures of their favourite tales, sang a song about the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and performed Goldilocks and the Three Bears for us.