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Class 1WB Assembly

Class 1WB’s assembly was about Toys Old and New.
They shared with us not only what they have learned about toys but also showed us how they have used toys to help their learning in other subjects.

Class 2P Assembly

Class 2P’s assembly was about different ways of thinking, and they showed us this by using thinking hats.
White hats showed us thinking about facts, Blue hats showed us how to organise our thoughts and ideas and Green hats showed us about creative thinking and brainstorming.  Yellow and Black hats help us think about the strengths and weakness of an idea and Red hats show our feelings and emotional thinking.
To end the assembly the children sang their version of ‘Bring Me Sunshine’.

Class 1K Assembly

For their assembly class 1K shared with us things they have learned about books.  They told us about their favourite books, fiction and non-fiction books, how we use dictionaries and atlases. Some children read stories and poems they had written, and showed the books about toys they had made.   They also showed pictures they had painted after seeing paintings by Degas.  They finished the assembly with a song telling the story of Noah’s Ark.