Monthly Archives: May 2016

Class R3 Assembly

For their assembly Class R3 told us about their visit to Tamworth Castle.
They told us about the different rooms they had been in and what happened in the rooms. Some children showed us brass rubbings they had done and some showed their pictures of their favourite parts of the castle.

Moving Picture Videos

We have been making moving pictures, so some of the children have made stories for their pictures and filmed them.

Class 1WB Assembly

Class 1WB’s assembly was about Spring. They told us things they have learned about changes that happen in Spring.

As well as singing songs and reciting poems, the children told us about the changes they had seen in the plants and trees around the school, what they had learned about the life cycle of frogs and how they have been growing marigolds from seeds.

Class 1V Assembly

For their assembly this week class 1V told us about Julia Donaldson, one of their favourite authors

The children shared some of the things they have learned.
They told us about their favourite books and showed us how they had used her books in other lessons in school.

Class 1K Assembly

This term Y1 have been learning about the seed cycle and the life cycle of frogs.

For their assembly class 1K shared some of the things they have learned.
The class made collages of plants and labelled different parts of the plant. They also carried out an experiment to see if plants need water, soil and light. They have planted Marigold seeds and showed us how they had grown so far. The class also sang a song about the seed cycle.
In our classrooms we have been watching tadpoles grow, and have learned lots of facts about tadpoles and frogs. Class 1K finished the assembly by reciting a special poem about the life cycle of frogs.

Class R1 Assembly

This term class R1 have been learning about minibeasts, and in their assembly they shared with us some of the things they have learned and done.
After reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ they used the story in some of their other lessons. They have made some butterflies and decorated them symmetrically. They have been on a minibeast hunt and made a tally chart of the minibeasts they found. The children have found out about different types of minibeasts, and during a visit from Grubbly Bugs, got to see a Giant Snail, Cockroaches, Stick Insect and Millipedes and a Tarantula.

Visit To Tamworth Castle

This week, as part of our topic on Castles, Reception classes visited Tamworth Castle.

They toured the castle to find out how it was different to our homes, and found out about the food people would have eaten.
They got to dress up in medieval clothes and try some armour and weapons, some children even ended up in the pillory and the stocks!
They also listened to a story about a mouse called Bryce, and had to look for mice around the castle.