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Year 2 sing at the Civic Hall

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Glendale was asked to perform at Bedworth Civic Hall in aid of the Mayor’s Charity Appeal. Here are a few comments from the children

My Favourite Bit Was………

Callum: ‘Deep in the Lonely Wood’, cos I got to go on stage as a bear!
Erin: I really liked it when me and Chantel slapped hands and we didn’t make any mistakes! We even did it in time!
Charlotte: swapping the lines in the Lollipop song.
Matthew: probably when we did our last song because it was joyful and the audience were clapping all the time.
Ellis: was when me and Gretel ran back home because we could run really fast and liked the wind blowing because we were hot.
Joe: was when I was acting as a wolf in ‘Deep in the Lonely Woods’

Jennifer: was when I pushed the witch in the oven It was a really, really big stage, and I could see all the mums and dads.
Elizabeth: The last song because we could all dance at the end bit. We had more room to spread out.
Chantel: was playing the witch and saying the words in a scary voice.
Leah: Where I flew around Hansel and Gretel. It was really fun!
Ben: when all the audience were staring at us when we did our performance.

Maia: was the Lollipop dance because it was really fun and I practised my high kicks.

Jasmin: was when I sang the songs and I felt happy doing it.
Tate: I liked all of it actually, even with my broken arm.
Owen: was probably getting dressed in the changing rooms and playing with my DS.
Darryl: was playing on my PSP and doing all of the show.
Kaylem: was ‘Deep in the Lonely Woods’.I liked being a wolf and singing the song.
Ellis: was ‘Deep in the Lonely Woods’ because I was a snake!

William: I liked the witch song and all the movements. The audience cheered and clapped and laughed.
Gabrielle: was dancing in ‘My Feet want to Dance’, wiggling and clapping.
Louise: seeing all the mums and dads on the chairs. My Nan was there too.

Lion Dance Assembly

This term a group of children have been learning Chinese lion dancing at an after school club with members of the Long Feng lion dance team.
This week they performed at an assembly for their parents and the rest of the school.