Complaints Procedure

Glendale Infant School

Complaints Procedure

To facilitate early resolution of complaints from parents or other interested parties;

To provide a clear complaints process;
To promote an equitable outcome.

Any person having a complaint about an internal school matter should make their complaint as below:

Stage 1: Discussion with the teacher involved. (Verbal concern raised. Most complaints are expected to be resolved at this stage.)

Stage 2: Discussion with the Headteacher. (May be written or verbal complaint. The Headteacher may investigate further and arrange a date and time for further discussion with the complainant)

Stage 3: For those few complaints not resolved during the first two stages, a complaint can be submitted to the Governing Body in writing addressed to the Chair of Governors and addressed through the school. The Governors may appoint a sub committee to consider the matter, which will undertake to contact the complainant with their reply.

Stage 4: If you consider that the Governing Body did not deal with your complaint fairly, that is that the process was flawed, you can appeal to the LA.

Stage 5: The complaint can be considered by the Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families, or the Office for Standards in Education.

Further detailed information is found in the Local Authority’s Model Complaints Procedure.