Lunchtime – All our children are entitled to a school meal, at no cost to parents. The meals comply with school dinner regulations and are freshly cooked on the premises. Our mid-day supervisors will encourage children to eat their dinner but will not make it a point of contention. We want the children to have a happy social break from their learning. You can, of course, send sandwiches if you wish.

In the morning, the children choose their main course from 2 options. There is always a vegetarian option available, along with fruit and wholemeal bread.

Low Income School Allowance:If you are in receipt of certain benefits, i.e. job seekers allowance or income support, your child may have an entitlement to receive low income benefits in school. You will need to apply for Free School Meals in order for the school to check your eligibility. The school receives extra funding for children from families on low incomes, and this helps us to provide extra support in school.
Once eligibility is confirmed, families are entitled to financial support for after school activities, school trips and visits, and for academic support when needed. This funding can also be used for out of school activities, such as ‘Rainbows’, dance lessons, football training etc. On first registration, each child also receives a £30 school wear voucher, so that they can have badged jumpers to wear in school.
Please register as soon as possible with the Free School Meals Office using the following contact details: –
Telephone 01926 359189 or online www.warwickshire.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals
You will need to renew every year to continue your eligibility.
Get Into It funding will only be available to parents once eligibility for the appropriate benefits has been confirmed.
Children do not have to take a school meal every day if they register, but the school will receive funding to support your child in school.

Packed lunch – please note that the school cannot safely deal with glass bottles, hot liquids/food or canned drinks in a packed lunch. Plastic beakers and water are provided for the children, but no cutlery. (Please remember to send a spoon for yoghurts).

Home – children who go home for dinner are collected at the end of the morning session appropriate to the year group, and return 10 minutes before the afternoon session begins.