Children with Special Educational Needs

The school is organised with mixed ability classes but the work is carefully matched to individual children. We also employ teaching assistants to support children either within the classroom or as part of a small group. In this way we ensure that all children have access to the curriculum and achieve success in their learning.

If we think your child has special educational needs we will make arrangements for a modified curriculum in the classroom. The class teacher will discuss with you how we can work together to give your child a boost and ensure they are happy in school. Planned actions will be recorded on a Graduated Action Plan (GAP) and this will be used to identify the level of support your child needs in order to make progress.

Sometimes, when the need is severe, we will call in experts to advise us. Very occasionally a child will need an EHCP – Education and Health Care Plan which is a formal recognition of their difficulties from the Local Authority.

SEN Information Report

Pupil Premium Money
In 2015/16, Glendale received £60,860 in pupil premium money. This was used to pay for additional assistant time to provide individual and small group support in reading, writing and maths; after school activities for pupil premium children; help with payments for visits in and out; and for school uniform.

Provision No. Of Pupil Premium Children Involved Total No. Of Children Involved Impact on Pupil Premium Children Overall Impact for SATS Results 2016
After school reading club 8 29 80% Exceeded their personal targets in reading 93% of children achieved expected or better in reading
Reading support KS1 20 70 As above As above
Mowgli (writing intervention) 12 43 40% Exceeded their personal targets
Turing (Number intervention) 9 48 60% Exceeded their personal targets 93% of children achieved at expected or better in maths
Personalised learning in Reception 15 54 N/A
Extra Curricular Activities 39 39 All children had the opportunity to participate in something outside school. Boosted confidence and self-esteem.

Glendale has received £66,829 in pupil premium money for 2016/17. This is being used to fund extra-curricular activities, including school trips and after school activities; intervention groups; and additional staffing to provide extra individual instruction in reading.